VU Amsterdam and UT intensify collaboration

Two universities. One ambition. More social impact.

More impact on universities, students, the labor market and society.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Twente (UT) are working ever more closely together in the fields of education, research and valorisation. In doing so, we aim to make a major difference in four areas of society: a resilient and secure society, a clean and sustainable society, a smart and digital society and developing talent.  

Need for highly educated professionals 

Our society is facing increasingly complex challenges. Our social contexts are becoming more turbulent, more complex and more uncertain. This also applies to the world of higher education and research. Competitors from all over the world are emerging and private investors play an increasingly important role. Society is making different demands on universities. So do students. Moreover, in our country there is a great need for highly educated, broadly oriented and socially involved (technology) professionals.

Societal challenges as a starting point

This means that we must increasingly make societal challenges the starting point of our education and research: from climate change to social inequality. Thereby, we want to bridge the boundaries between disciplines and integrate scientific domains.

We believe that the best way to do this is by working together, as we can offer a unique combination of expertise in higher education in The Netherlands. Together, we can educate the right talent and develop relevant educational programmes and research projects.

Building bridges between disciplines and groups      

Our complementarity allows us to build new bridges between disciplines: from alpha, beta and gamma sciences to life sciences & health and engineering. For example, by offering technical bachelor programmes in Amsterdam and facilitating the transfer of VU bachelors to UT master studies. We also build bridges between groups, from social actors to students and from government to business. All these bridges bring us and our society closer to the heart of the challenges of our time.

Secure Societies

We are working on a resilient and secure society

This theme is about safety, flexibility, resistance and stability. With the impact programme ‘Secure Societies’, we contribute to strengthening the resilience and security of our society so that it becomes adaptive and remains stable in times of crisis.

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Responsible Societies

We are working on a clean and sustainable society 

This theme revolves around a clean and sustainable society. With the impact programme ‘Responsible Societies' we are working on a circular economy, energy neutral developments and adaptive and resilient systems. By doing so, we contribute to an enterprising, healthy and sustainable society that reuses its raw materials. 

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Smart Societies

We are working on a smart and healthy digital society

This theme is about a smart and digital society. With the impact programme 'Smart Societies', we focus on the development of new digital technologies and the evaluation of the effects of this digital transformation. By doing so, we contribute to a fair, healthy and sustainable digital society.

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Education and Talent

Working on education and talent of the future 

Society has a great need for highly educated technical staff with a broad orientation and social commitment.

Within the programme Creating talent for society, we meet this need by developing innovative and multidisciplinary education at bachelor, master, PhD and post-doctoral level. 

We also create platforms for exchange, cross-fertilisation and talent development for our students and staff. In addition, we create opportunities for continuous learning paths for students, staff, alumni and employees (life-long learning).

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Ambition document

In this ambition document you can read how Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam) and the University of Twente (UT) will collaborate more intensively in the areas of education, research and valorisation. We have a strong shared drive to make a difference in four societal areas: “Resilience“, “Sustainability”, “Talent” and “Smart Societies”.

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