Two universities. One ambition. More social impact.

Working on education and talent of the future  

Society has a great need for highly educated technical staff with a broad orientation and social commitment. Therefore, we want to educate the talents needed for the future.

Within the programme Creating talent for society, we meet this need by developing innovative and multidisciplinary education at bachelor, master, PhD and post-doctoral level.  

We also create platforms for exchange, cross-fertilisation and talent development for our students and staff. In addition, we create opportunities for continuous learning paths for students, staff, alumni and employees (life-long learning).

Innovative bachelors

In 2018, the second location of the UT Mechanical Engineering programme at VU started. The first batch is now in the third year of their bachelor. They will graduate this summer. Go to the programme website for more information and registration procedures for the programme 'Mechanical Engineering' and 'Creative Technology' at the UT or VU. 

Technical master's programmes

Significant growth in the inflow of technical master's programmes at UT is crucial if we are to meet the need on the labour market for highly educated technical specialists. We therefore want to develop a well-functioning system of bridging programmes between the bachelor's programmes at VU Amsterdam and the technical master's programmes at the UT. Between now and 2023, we will take the following steps in any case:

Life-long learning

We are keen to use our cooperation to contribute to the new challenges facing higher education. We are therefore exploring how we can strengthen our national and international Life-long learning proposition within socio-technological academic education. One way to do this, is by linking the existing offerings of both universities and developing new joint propositions. We want to better connect the strengths of both institutions through the following steps, e.g. by knowledge exchange in digitalisation, Life Long Learning offerings from Impact programmes and by exploring whether and how we can give our staff and alumni preferential access to our Life Long Learning programmes from 2023.