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Graduates from Noord-Holland about their Mechanical Engineering studies in Amsterdam

University of Twente and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam launched the Mechanical Engineering programme in Amsterdam in 2019 to meet the urgent demand for technical professionals in the region of Noord-Holland. Pupils must often leave the province to pursue a degree programme in science and technology. This programme gives them the opportunity to choose for a study in their own region. The first students are now graduating. They are happy to share their experiences.

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 Daan De Jong, Trinitas College, Han Fortmann, Heerhugowaard

“The reason for me to start this programme was mainly its appealing content. I wanted to pursue an extensive technical study programme that would provide me with plenty of opportunities and freedom. But I also enjoy the fact that the programme is small-scale and has a personal touch. Students and lecturers form a close-knit community, which results in a pleasant and friendly study environment.”


Bo de Boer, Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, Amsterdam

“Engineering and technology have always interested me, so I was delighted to discover that a new programme in Mechanical Engineering had been launched at VU Amsterdam. This allowed me to enjoy both the familiarity of my home town and the technological side of things. During my studies, I learned how things operate and how they are made, and I also designed things myself.”




Nathan Diaby, Calandlyceum Amsterdam (Technasium/Athletic Top Talent Programme), Amsterdam

ME was one of the studies that appealed to me because I have been interested in engineering and technology ever since I was a kid. I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam because of the partnership with University of Twente. This made it possible for me to study in Amsterdam, which means I spend less time travelling, making it easier for me to combine my studies with my sport. What I like about ME is that you can take a variety of technical courses that delve deeply into the theoretical background of the subjects. You then apply the knowledge you have gained from these courses to your project.”


Michael van Kuik, Oostvaarders college, Almere

"Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to pursue a technical career without having to specialise excessively. The advantage of studying at VU Amsterdam is that you can continue to live at home, see your friends every day and travel for only half an hour while pursuing technical studies. A unique opportunity!”





Jan Huygen Wilschut, Geert Groote College, Amsterdam

“I chose to pursue the English-taught programme in Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam and UT because I enjoy working in a technical field and I like challenges. The advantage of this technical programme is that I mainly attend lectures in Amsterdam, with only a few days a month spent in Enschede. Plus, the lecturers from UT travel to us to teach. The programme is taught entirely in English, which is very nice in case I want to continue studying abroad after graduation.”




Ozan Abdelrahman , Hyperion Lyceum, Amsterdam-Noord

The correlation between stupidity and engineering is that both do not know their limits, but only one is a maker of history. That’s perhaps something what everybody wants. I just want it more.”





 Abas Adi, Keizer Karel College, Amstelveen

“Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam brings a technical degree programme closer to home than ever before. In addition to a bright future, you will have a wonderful student experience! One of the many great things about this programme is that it is relatively small-scale with classes that allow you to get to know everyone very quickly. In addition, the easy-going teachers provide the opportunity to ask questions during and after the lectures and occasionally (if you are lucky) to have a drink together. Apart from the people, the lesson material is fun and often very applicable in the real world, plus you learn very quickly about systems and products that will change your world view. I would recommend Mechanical Engineering to any ambitious student interested in the world of technology.”