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Creating secure societies

Two universities. One ambition. More social impact.

We are working on a resilient and secure society

This theme is about safety, flexibility, resistance and stability. With the impact programme ‘Secure Societies’, we contribute to strengthening the resilience and security of our society so that it becomes adaptive and remains stable in times of crisis. 

Quick fixes and root causes

Security issues in society are so complex that they cannot be resolved by one party. Take the corona pandemic, for example. It affected not only our healthcare but also our economy. Polarised discussions about whether or not to vaccinate show that this is also a social crisis. How do we deal with this? A natural reaction is to opt for quick solutions. In this way, we remove uncertainty and prevent unrest, but we do not combat the deeper causes.

Multi-level interests

With our impact programme, we therefore create sustainable solutions with attention to the underlying dynamics and processes. By working together with governments, businesses, organisations and citizens, we take the interests at multiple levels into account. In this way, we come ever closer to a safe and resilient society. A society in which we remain standing, embrace setbacks and emerge stronger.

Unique approach

The combination of social sciences with technology makes our approach unique. We use theories and methods from the alpha, beta and gamma sciences. Hence, we gain a good understanding of safety issues and work on sustainable solutions. Moreover, we have knowledge of both urban Amsterdam and rural Twente. These insights enable us to advise on safety issues in both types of areas.